Mortimer Gallery is the creative hub of visual artist Bruce Mortimer's work.


This work is diverse, underpinned by a lifelong love of photography but having evolved into the fine art works for which he is now best known.  His creativity does not stop at all things visual, however, and his capacity for design and conceptual and practical development is best illustrated in the section of this site detailing his MYTHOGENY anamorphic lenses.

A so-called 'third culture kid', Bruce was born in England and was raised in Holland and South Africa, and calls New Zealand home.  Maybe this staggered stability triggered his love of adventure, or maybe he just bores easily.  Still, when adventure combines with persistence and dedication, the creative process is hard to derail, and in Bruce's case has produced a body of professional work in distinct periods, styles and series since 1995, having turned his back on a career in Earth Science, choosing instead to understand his relationship with the landscape that surrounds him in a visual and conceptual way. 


Underpinned by a long love of fine art photography, his contemporary contributions are either far more expressive than that history might imply, or alternatively engage the viewer in a surprise encounter during which they discover the true nature of artworks that they imagined were photographs.  In terms of the latter, that is, in essence, the point of photorealism.  To challenge what was is initially thought to be, and more selfishly to provide the artist with an outlet for his mastery of tone and texture with graphite and charcoal. 


Beyond his photorealism, those mediums give way to a much greater release of boundaries, in which he loosely uses various paints, found objects and industrial materials to build artistic statements that command attention often in a paradoxically subtle way.


The collection presented here reflects this duality, the refusal to command but one single style, and the preparedness to risk confusing an audience ever more intrigued by what appears to be a consistent inconsistency of styles and mediums.  This possible confusion is mitigated, however, in Bruce's innate feel for where his work is destined to hang, in modern, clean, contemporary spaces valued by their occupiers for their level of sophistication and Zen-like appeal.  And therein lies the common thread that links his various series.  His diversity has, when you take out the obvious differences, a thoroughly authentic continuity.


Bruce Mortimer (stylised by his signature as mort'mer) is a New Zealand based visual artist working predominantly in charcoal and graphite pencils, but also in oils, acrylics, pastels, photography and filmmaking. He is currently working on two series, 'Expressions of Solitude' and 'Expressions of Community' which have aspects of both landscape and human presence.


In 2013 I was inspired to simplify my professional art career and create a new series of artworks, and through using only graphite and charcoal pencils I found my voice with this medium, a captivating blend of ideas. I actually my style 'loose hyperrealism' which is a bit of a paradox! This medium and style underpins my current series, and provides continuity across a wide range of subject matter. Beyond this contemporary diversion, my current series include abstract expressionist and abstract semi-sculptural two dimensional art. I travel sporadically into deeply remote places in search of both myself and new material, through which I then express my love of landscape and how people interact with it. Current series AWARDS and MENTIONS
Winner 2016 - Nelson Art Expo Pomeroy's award
Winner 2016 - Signature Piece Award - NZ Art Show
Bruce Mortimer chosen as resident ASB Bank/NZ Art Show artist 2016, 2017 and 2018
Finalist 2015 - Signature Piece Award -NZ Art Show
Featured in The New Zealand Artist Magazine in 2015
Bruce Mortimer was top seller at the Art-x National Art Exhibition in 2015
Finalist in 2014 - Parkin Prize
Represented by Red Peach Gallery, Napier, New Zealand since 2014 Permanent display of landscape photographs - Rydges Hotel, Wellington 'Africa by Inspiration' - book of black and white photographs, Art Publishers 2007